Small Lunar Moon Phase Bar Necklace 16" or 18", #6360-ss



Small Lunar Moon Phase Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver.

The moon has always been a powerful and symbolic part of cultures around the world.

The Eight Lunar Phases or Moon Cycles.

New Moon: New beginnings, fresh start, rebirth - at time to set intentions
Crescent Moon: Action, intention, hopes, wishes, growth, energy - act on your intentions
First Quarter Moon: Movement, challenges, decisions, action, strength, determination - keep going forward
Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, edit, gaining, attaining - fine tune your plans
Full Moon: Abundance, fertility, transformation, release, detoxing, peaked emotions - powerful time for spirituality, guidance and healing.
Disseminating Moon: Contemplation, gratitude, sharing. Good time for quitting bad habits and destructive behaviors.
Last Quarter Moon: Reflection, let go, purge, forgive - focus on the positive.
Balsamic Moon: Surrender, release, rest, recuperate, calmness - focus on the internal self rather than the external world

Material: sterling silver
Size: 7/8 inch across, 16 or 18 inch box chain

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