Rose Quartz Necklace on a 32 Inch Chain, #6317-ss


Embrace your inner bohemian with our rose quartz necklace! The long 32 inch length looks great worn alone, or layered with a few of your favorite necklaces. The long length also allows us to omit a clasp, since it will easily slip over your head.

Rose quartz has many healing properties as well as being good for creativity in all art forms: writing, art and music. Rose quartz is a wonderful feminine gemstone, enhancing female energies and qualities - helping with sex drive, fertility and your cycle too. It is a calming and detoxing stone, acting like a bubble bath for your emotions. Astrological associations: Taurus, Libra. Chakras: heart.

Materials: rose quartz, sterling silver.

Size: pendant is approx. 58 mm x 15 mm and comes on a 32 inch cable chain.

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