Medium Crescent Moon Mandala Sterling Silver 18" Necklace #6004


Our mandala moon is sprinkled with petals and dot detailing is a perfect focal piece on it's own or layered with your other favorites.

The moon has always been a powerful and symbolic part of cultures around the world. The moons symbolism goes all the way back to ancient times. Each phase of the moon has its own special meaning. New moons are for beginnings, for example, while the waning moon is believed to be a good time for clearing negative influences. The crescent moon focuses on Intentions, hopes, and wishes.

Material: sterling silver pendant, rhodium plated sterling silver faceted 1.5 mm wide bead chain.
Size: This pendant is approx. 29 mm in length, 17 mm wide and comes on an 18" long chain.

We also have this in a larger size, #6107!

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