Limited Edition Honeybee Flower and Garnet Gemstone Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings #9010


These honeybee and garnet gemstone earrings would make a great gift for a yoga enthusiast.

In many religions, honeybees are commonly depicted as messengers for the spirits, and are closely associated with the sun. In yoga, where each chakra emits a different sound in meditation, the lowest chakra emits the hum of the honeybee.

Garnet is the stone of love and devotion - Garnet is good for career success, it helps you to become motivated and productive, and attracts good luck in business ventures.
The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business and makes a wonderful executive gem, particularly for women. Garnet is also the birthstone for January.

These earrings coordinate beautifully with our Honeybee and Garnet Necklace, #6444

These sterling silver earrings measure approximately 1 5/8 inches long including the sterling silver hook by 7/16 inches wide.
Materials: Sterling silver and garnet gemstones.

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