Blue & Green Chalcedony Gemstone Bracelet with Briolette Charm, #6884-ss


Sea to sky - the cool hues of blue and green chalcedony will have a relaxing effect on you with this bracelet.

A double strand of mini sterling silver rock beads meet up with a blue chalcedony briolette and trio of moonstone baubles. Joined by six faceted chalcedony stones and a toggle closure, this is a beautiful and unique bracelet!

Chalcedony is the Stone of Acceptance. It is a nurturing stone of calmness which symbolizes brotherhood and goodwill. Chalcedony increases physical energy and absorbs negative energy, dissipating it to prevent onward transmission. It balances the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Chalcedony will also balance yin/yang, stress and irritability. The Native American Indians consider Chalcedony a sacred stone. It is used daily to promote stability during ceremonial activities and meditation.

Astrological associations: Cancer and Sagittarius. Chakras: varies with the variety of color.

Material: chalcedony gemstones, sterling silver, moonstone.

Size: 7" length.

Zoe and Piper is a proud member of The Artisan Group. The Artisan Group is an elite group of talented artisans who collectively provide samples of their handcrafted products to celebrities and members of the press at top celebrity gifting suites.

Zoe and Piper is proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to select animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups.

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