As seen on Baby Daddy & Stitchers - Gold Turquoise Necklace #6194-yg


As Seen on Chelsea Kane (Riley Perrin) on ABC's Baby Daddy & on Kirsten Clark (actress Emma Ishta) on Freeforms Stitchers, episode 302 of Stitchers. Placements by The Artisan Group.

Simple. Sweet. Feminine. Need we say more? These natural turquoise gemstone nuggets add a pop of color to our gold filled rolo necklace. Perfect to wear alone, but it makes for a fun layering necklace also!

The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha is the fifth primary chakra, it is located in the center of the throat. Vishuddha means “to purify” in sanskrit and is depicted with 16 smoke-colored or turquoise petals. It is a bridge from the Heart chakra to the Brow and Crown chakras. Basically, it is the bridge from our earth body to our spiritual body. The Throat chakra is all about communication. If we speak and sing good words, it will stay in alignment. If we use our voice to hurt or destroy others, it will become out of balance and manifest physical symptoms of the ear, nose, throat and respiratory issues.

Key points: communication, self-expression, will

Color: turquoise

Location: center of throat

Aromatherapy / Essential Oils: lavender, roman chamomile, rosemary, thyme, sage

Gemstones: turquoise (balancing), chrysocolla (balancing), quartz (calming), yellow or blue topaz (activating)

Turquoise is a multi-purpose healing stone for the body and is good for emotional balance. Turquoise protects you on your journeys, near or far. Turquoise is also the traditional birthstone for December. Astrological associations: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. Chakras: throat

Materials: natural turquoise gemstone, gold fill

Size: 16 - 18 inch adjustable length

Handcrafted in the USA

Due to the individuality of gemstones, each one will have their own characteristics and may not match the photo exactly. Want to learn about other stones and what they mean? Go to this link:

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