Small Tree of Life Necklace in Sterling Silver, #6542-ss


Small tree of life necklace in sterling silver. This is perfect for layering with other necklaces or wear it alone! A great gift for teen girls and women alike. Great gift for friends and family or treat yourself to one! The tree of life is a powerful, life-affirming symbol in almost every culture. With its branches reaching towards the sky, and roots embedded deeply in the earth, it dwells in three worlds, becoming a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. It represents all that is true, wholesome, stable, and noble. When you are in need of stability and strength in your life - envision the tree of life in your minds eye. Material: sterling silver tree of life pendant, sterling silver rolo chain Size: tree pendant is 5/16 inch wide, necklace is 17 inches long

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