Lotus Mandala Necklace in Sterling Silver 18", 20" or 22", #6113



This sterling silver lotus mandala charm with granulation is perfectly petite. Many consider mandalas instruments of wholeness, healing, and meditation. In this many petaled lotus it becomes a mandala - a visually appealing, overlapping, geometric form that helps quiet chattering thoughts, appeasing the spirit.

Materials: Sterling Silver pendant on a rhodium plated 1mm sterling silver box chain.
Pendant is 18mm long and 12mm wide. Your choice of 18, 20 or 22 inch long chain.

Benefits of rhodium plating: Rhodium is a metal of the platinum group.  It has a highly reflective quality that resists tarnish and will preserve that silver shine without needing more than the occasional quick soap-and-water wash. Rhodium is allergy-friendly, harder than gold, and extremely durable. This metal is ideal for jewelry plating as it strengthens the durability and adds a glorious sheen to the metal below it.

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