Fertility/Grounding/Protection - 8mm Smokey Quartz Bracelet with Lunar Goddess, #6655


Top quality 8mm round smokey quartz beads make up this energy bracelet that can be worn alone or stacked together. A bronze lunar goddess charm adds an extra level of meaning to this bracelet. Great as a meditation bracelet, mala bracelet and yoga wear! The lunar goddess, also known as the moon goddess, is a traditional symbol of female energies throughout many cultures and form a central role in mythology. Many of the lunar goddesses throughout history have also been associated with magic and the intuitive nature of women, as well as fertility. The protective qualities of smokey quartz dissipate negative energy, speed up the laws of karma, enhance survival skills and are good for vitality and intuition. This gemstone is good for male energies, sexual energy and channeling energy through the hands - great for reiki or spiritual healing! Smokey quartz will grounding and relaxing, it is also good for meditation and dream interpretation. Astrological associations: Sagittarius, Capricorn. Chakras: base. Bracelet fits a wrist approximately 6 - 7 1/2 inches around. Positive affirmation jewelry, lotus jewelry, buddha jewelry, energizing and healing gemstones... these will become some of your favorite everyday pieces.

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