Sacred Geometry Gemstone Sets, #6231


Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz

Sacred Geometry gemstone sets in your choice of stone! Each set includes one square, pyramid, sphere, diamond, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and a merkaba star.

Material: choice of gemstone - amethyst, rose quartz or clear quartz sets are all the same stone. The chakra set option comes in amethyst, crystal quartz, lapis lazuli, green adventurine, peach aventurine, yellow aventurine and red jasper.

Size: stones range from: 12-25mm x 12-23mm

Due to the individuality of natural stones, each set will vary slightly from the photo shown.

Due to the individuality of gemstones, each one will have their own characteristics and may not match the photo exactly. Want to learn about other stones and what they mean? Go to this link:

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