Rutilated Quartz Double Point Necklace, #6352-yg


Embrace your inner bohemian with our double point rutilated quartz necklace! The long 28 inch length looks great worn alone, or layered with a few of your favorite necklaces. The long length also allows us to omit a clasp, since it will easily slip over your head.

Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz with silver or golden threads of rutile. It is a healing stone and will bring vitality and strength. Rutilated quartz will balance and calm you. It will help with energy blockages and negativity. Chakras: Brow, Crown

Material: rutilated quartz gemstone, 24k gold plated copper, gold filled cable chain
Size: rutilated quartz points measure appx. 1.75 inches across, 28 inch gold filled necklace

Due to the individuality of gemstones, each one will have their own characteristics and may not match the photo exactly. Want to learn about other stones and what they mean? Go to this link:

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