Rose Quartz Tumbled Gallet (1), #6107


Our rose quartz gallets will have you feeling better in no time! Carry it with you, put it on display, meditate with it or just hold it when you need some good vibes.

Rose quartz has many healing properties as well as being good for creativity in all art forms: writing, art and music. Rose quartz is a wonderful feminine gemstone, enhancing female energies and qualities - helping with sex drive, fertility and your cycle too. It is a calming and detoxing stone, acting like a bubble bath for your emotions. Astrological associations: Taurus, Libra. Chakras: heart.

Each stone is unique in shape and size, trust that you'll receive the ones that are just right for YOU!

Size: tumbled stones are approximately 1.5 inch length, the stones come in a cotton or organza bag.

Due to the individuality of gemstones, each one will have their own characteristics and may not match the photo exactly. 

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