Palo Santo Sacred Incense Bundle (3 -pk), #6095


Palo Santo, which means ' Holy Wood ', can be traced as far back as the Inca era. Shamans and saints routinely used the wood in rituals for spiritual purification and energy cleansing by burning the wood. Experience a deep connection to divine source by burning or smudging your palo santo, grounding yourself and raising your vibration all at once. This is also said to eliminate negative energy and create a tranquil space.

Palo Santo makes a wonderful housewarming gift. You can use it like sage for space clearing any time you feel it's needed. Tip: get in the habit of doing a sage and palo santo smudging at the beginning of each season!

I just enjoy having the wonderfully fragrant wood around me... on my desk and bedside table. The smell is divine, it's one of the most fragrant woods in the world!

This listing is for (3) three 4 inch sticks of palo santo wood.

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