Yeah, it's one of those days...

Yeah, it's one of those days...

January 07, 2016


Ever have one of those days? You know the day - you’re off your game, and therefore everything else is off too? Where everything you try to do doesn’t work? The web page won’t load, the curtain rod falls down, the printer is acting up, you’re running late, you’re tense, stressed, etc. That was my New Year’s Eve day. Let me back up. I had been out late the night before celebrating at a pre-new years eve dinner. Good food, good people, kids up waaaayyyy too late. That was already setting me up for a rocky start the next day, because I know myself and I know how my body reacts when it doesn’t get enough sleep. To no surprise I woke up late, had a cranky kid shuffling around the house and the rest just fell into place. By the time I had gotten into work, I was wound tighter than a rubber band. I could have let the kinks keep on snowballing, but I knew I had to get out of that funk. What did I do? I put some of my Young Living essential oils in my diffuser (Pine for grounding and Stress Away to help calm me down). I really wanted to put in Citrus Fresh, but the first bottle I grabbed was empty, so I grabbed the other bottle that was sitting there… empty. Yeah, it was that kind of day alright. After I had the diffuser going, I put on my Tibetan Singing Bowls music from my Spotify playlist. I chose the grounding / tribal track to start. After several minutes I could feel my body start to relax and the stress starting to back off. I let this play out for the next couple hours while I packed orders and replied to emails. It was a relaxing atmosphere and by the time I left my mood had shifted for the better.


I’ve been practicing energy work this year, learning how to keep myself calm and grounded in a world full of chaos. I’m definitely still learning, it’s a lot of work and I only just started to see a real difference in what I’ve been practicing. I hope to continue and grow my practice going into 2016. Adding daily meditation and continuing to learn and grow. I have a wonderful tribe in the jewelry community that I am so grateful for, and a close circle of friends and family that are always there for me. I had a pretty big shake up happen to my company in October (that’s a whole other story), and everyone (I mean everyone) rallied for me. My jewelry community, my vendors, my family & friends… it was such an overwhelming show of support and love it really touched me.


I’m excited to see where 2016 takes Zoe and Piper this upcoming year - I have a lot of new ideas waiting to come to life!

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