What makes you happy?

March 27, 2015

What makes you happy? Follow your bliss? If you do what you love for a living it doesn’t feel like work. We hear these statements a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to find your happy place. Last weekend I attended a spiritual workshop. It was fun and relaxing being in a room of people who had gathered for the same reason and beliefs. Everyone was awesome, we had a good time and all around it was a pretty great day. When I think of my day to day life, and what makes me feel good… it usually leads to the Farmers Market and Wholefoods (oh, and Anthropologie). I look forward to Saturdays so our family can head out to the local farmer’s market and support small business and try out new items. My daughter is obsessed with the gluten free chocolate zucchini bread from the vegan food truck Uprooted Kitchen. My new obsession is the sprout booth. More than 20 varieties of sprouts harvested right in front of you - they make amazing salads and are packed full of protein and nutrients! Whatever I can’t get from the farmers market, Whole Foods fills in for me. I love love love browsing the store and reading the packaging from all the smaller brands… their mission, their story, their livelihood. It is so amazing being able to support all these small businesses that have a similar take on life as I do. Being kind to Mother Nature, staying pure and living healthy. Then there is Anthropologie… if I could move in, I would. Even though there is so much to look at and varied styles, I’m at peace there. It makes me feel all warm and cozy. Seriously, if my home felt like an Anthropologie store, I’d be the happiest girl around town!

All of these little things spill over to my jewelry designs. For instance, I was already planning on making a chakra jewelry collection, but after my spiritual workshop I am thinking about it nonstop! Sometimes being a business owner and designer, it is hard to carve out that precious design time while managing all the day to day tasks. My workshop reminded me just how important our chakra system is, and how fun it will be to put a new collection together featuring healing gemstones and sterling silver charms to support just that. I have always gravitated to working with designs that have meaning behind them and that speak to me on a deeper level. And what’s cool is that everyone has their own inner voice and compass, you know how you are just drawn to a certain necklace or design? You just have to have it, or you smile and feel more empowered whenever you wear ‘that’ necklace or ‘those’ earrings? That’s your inner guide, intuition, spiritual connection... whatever you call it, speaking to you! Pretty cool, huh?

So what jewelry, gemstone or particular designs speaks to you?

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