The Secret to Building a Desirable Jewelry Brand

The Secret to Building a Desirable Jewelry Brand

January 15, 2016

Have you ever wondered about the difference between successful jewelry designers and those who are struggling to make a sale?

I hate to break it to you but it has NOTHING to do with Talent.

The “difference” between successful vs. struggling jewelry artists comes down to a simple approach to business that is often overlooked.

That’s why I wanted to share a wonderful training series that my friends over at Flourish & Thrive Academy have created.

It’s called The 3 Steps to Your Thriving Jewelry Business and it’s an amazing resource if you are ready to build a desirable jewelry brand and skip the struggle.

In this FREE training series, you’ll discover:

  • How Asking 3 Questions Will Put Your Jewelry Biz on the Map (Big Time)

  • The Simple Shift For Lasting Success

  • How to Feel Supported in Your Jewelry Business

Tracy & Robin have been in the jewelry industry for a long time (20+ years each). In these training videos, they share their best secrets to help jewelry designers like you skip the learning curve and get straight to success!

After taking the training, you can expect to:

  • Clearly communicate your branded vision

  • Feel confident in your potential for lasting success

  • Trust in the power of peer support for maximum growth

Pop on over, check out the training series and meet some of the other designers in the Flourish & Thrive Academy community for FREE. Don’t hesitate, click now!

I took this course in 2014 and it changed the way I look at my jewelry business, it has been growing steadily ever since! I also love the community of artists that I am now a part of, my jewelry tribe as I like to call them. Grab a cup of tea and head on over and check our their free videos.

P.S. Do you just design jewelry as a side biz (or know someone who does)? This video series is still for you! Tracy talks about so much more than just business - because it’s all about getting your work on your biggest brand advocates, right?

F&TA has been a significant factor in the growth of my business and I love what they are doing. That’s why I am a proud partner of F&TA and I may earn a referral fee for sharing this with you.

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