Piper's New Bracelet

February 02, 2013


My daughter has been asking for a bracelet quite a bit lately. It all started with her wanting a necklace, just like her mom and grandma wear. Since she has six of her teeth coming in, I got her an amber teething necklace. That made her very happy, and she quickly moved on to asking for a bracelet. Since turquoise is her favorite color and tourmaline is her birthstone, I used this as a starting point, and sorted through our stone selection for some small gemstones to work with. I threw in some apatite, since I am partial to this stone and it's gorgeous aqua blue tones. This is a photo of the beads I decided to work with. I added some sterling silver spacer beads and chose a spring ring clasp. I know some artists lay out their beads before they begin stringing, but I don't always have the patience to do that. I find I like to just pick and choose as I go... and if I don't like how something is looking, it's easy to take a few off and regroup. Once I was finished with stringing the beads, I crimped my ends onto the clasps and was done.


Piper was very excited to have a new bracelet to wear. She puts her arm out each morning and patiently waits for me to put it on, then she spins it around a few times and is off to whatever has caught her attention.

We are thinking of offering baby / toddler bracelets for sale. What are your thoughts? Do you think they would sell, would you buy them? Let us know your thoughts!




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