Important Message

Important Message

November 25, 2016

message from zoe and piper

I have some important news to share with our loyal community. Over the weekend our studio office was broken into and we were robbed of all our inventory. The important thing is that we are all safe. I'm sorry Zoe and Piper won't be part of your holidays this year, we were so looking forward to that! In the meantime, if you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter list to be notified when we're back up and running.

While there is a small selection of items still for sale, most will show out of stock. If you see an item you are interested in that isn't available, you can use our 'notify me when this is back in stock' button (however, I don't have a time frame of when that will be!).

Thank you all for understanding. Happy Holidays to everyone!

- Sienna, Owner

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