At Zoe and Piper your jewelry has meaning.

July 24, 2014

When we say "your jewelry has meaning" what does that mean, exactly? Since the dawn of time people have used stones, talisman and symbols for their healing abilities, to show their faith, for good luck, protection, energies... the list goes on and on. Whether you wear something for the spiritual meaning behind it, or just because it spoke to you and makes you feel good about yourself, it's nice to know the background and history of a piece.

We have compiled a list of some of the frequent words, phrases, symbols and talisman here. We will continue to add to the list as our offerings grow.

Do you need to stay more focused? Need a little energy boost? Does your chakra feel off balance? Want a boost to your courage or maybe you just need help with stress relief. There's a stone for that! Go here to read all about it.

Did we miss something? Or do you want to learn more? Let us know!

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